Cardiac & Vascular Surgery

Cardiac & Vascular Surgery

The Cardiac & Vascular Surgery Business Unit is led by well-established experts,each with decades of experience working hand-in-hand with cardiac and vascular surgeons and dealing with cardiovascular medical devices.
During the last two decades of their intensive work in this specialty area,they have introduced a wide range of new products and procedural methods into the field of medical devices and equipment, while at the same time embracing unique hands-on experiences and in-depth knowledge.
The main operating spheres of the business unit are:

  • Structural Heart Disease: trans-apical and trans-aortic TAVI, mitral valve repair
  • Vascular Surgery: thoracic stent grafts, vascular grafts
  • Cardiac Rhythm Management: pacemakers, defibrillators, CRT, home monitoring equipment
  • Intraoperative TTFM and Imaging

Whenever we are introducing a new method or a new technique, our customers are always assisted by our product experts, offering educational, technical and practical support on-site.
One of our main tasks in Cardiac & Vascular Surgery is a constant market research to find new products and more sophisticated technologies, aiming at the best solutions for our customers – healthcare professionals and their patients at the same time.

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