Our Credo

Our Credo


The BORMIAMED Group's mission is to achieve stable and sustainable growth through the cost-effective distribution of medical devices and high-levelled quality of our services. With the continuous development of the BORMIAMED Group and with the acquisition of knowledge and experience, we want to reinforce our position, competencies, reputation, and after all the satisfaction of our customers. 
Our mission is to become an important partner and distributor of high-quality medical devices with innovative solutions and technologies. We are approaching this goal by constantly investing in new product solutions for safe, cost-effective and successful clinical outcomes for patients, and by actively searching for new partnerships that complement our business specialty areas.
Within the BORMIAMED Group we also strive to motivate employees by creating opportunities for personal growth and professional development. We want to create a safe, friendly and efficient working environment in which relationships between employees are based on trust and equity, and where good work is recognized and suitably appreciated.
We strive not to be the biggest but the best. The BORMIAMED Group is determined to become an organization that is vital to the market through improving health and wellbeing of those in need by distributing the best-quality products and providing services at sustainable prices.

For the future we are heading to become the customer’s trusted ubiquitous provider of high-quality solutions that deliver cost efficiency and clinical confidence. To align with our vision the BORMIAMED Group’s business is always transforming and adapting to meet the changes and evolvement of the healthcare market.
The essence of our approach is that we are more than just another organization in the medical field. We think, care and innovate. The many years we’ve spent in this activity have made us believe that the combination of thinking, taking care and innovating is the key to the future success.

Our core values are driven by a desire to:
  • Professionalism
  • Legality
  • Transparency
  • Simplicity
  • Conscientiousness and honesty
  • Respect and responsibility
These values reflect on the partnerships that we make – partnerships with our customers, buyers and suppliers based on mutual respect, understanding and joint efforts. Through partnerships and alliances, within and beyond the BORMIAMED Group, our values keep strengthening and improving.
The trust that we gained, is the essence and the way in which we operate. We are reliable because it matters to us to fulfil the given promises. Services that we offer to our customers are of high standard. The entrepreneurial spirit that we maintain within the BORMIAMED Group, encourages innovations and the search for new challenges.

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