Education, training & communication

Education, training & communication

At BORMIAMED Group we give you more. We are constantly investing in and improving the quality of all our services through education as an important part of our business. We are determined to become an organization that works comprehensively – from providing high quality products to offering ultimate support.


We are committed to ensuring the utmost professionalism of our staff and to provide them the best training and communication tools to enhance the exchange of technical skills between our staff and healthcare professionals. We keep up to date with trends in our business sector, which gives us flexibility to adapt to new situations and to anticipate major or minor trends before they can affect us in real terms.   


We are also committed to promoting scientific knowledge, medical advancement and supporting effective healthcare. We support education of healthcare professionals by offering them opportunity to be a part of our educational programs "BORMIAMED Educational Program – BEP”, a part of the educational programs of our suppliers or to attend  independently organized medical events (e.g. conferences, symposiums, workshops etc.), all in accordance with international and national legislation and our industry’s code.


We constantly evolve through discovery and gaining new knowledge, since these constant improvements lead our BORMIAMED Group on its way to success. 


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