Quality Management System

Quality Management System

The BORMIAMED Group is committed to distribute the highest quality medical devices and to provide exceptional customer service support. To achieve these goals, our Quality Management System is based on the principle of continuous service and process improvement. All requirements of standard ISO 9001:2015 are sensibly applied in our Group as we are focused on delivering the very best service while maintaining best practices.
In carrying out our mission, we recognize and monitor needs and interests of our stakeholders. In this way, we support good relationships at strategic and operational levels. Our Group-wide commitment (from manufacturer to final user of medical devices) enables us to ensure that we meet and exceed our quality goals while providing innovative and dependable service that our partners can trust. We are committed to continuously improve and encourage development at all levels, create wider economic and social effects, create a friendly and orderly working environment for our employees, increase the quality of our services and the offer of distributed goods.
With the distribution of innovative products and continuous improvement of our processes we contribute to fighting against climate change and lowering a global carbon footprint. Through teamwork and perseverance, we are making better conditions for the entirety of the BORMIAMED group, our community, our partners, and our beautiful planet. We strive to improve the environmental aspects of business, and aim towards economic management and rational use of energy, raw materials, and other natural resources.
We are proud to announce that our companies are awarded with following certificates:

- BORMIA d.o.o.(SLO) - ISO 9001:2015

- BORMIAMED d.o.o. (CRO) - ISO 14001:2015

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